Pretty Bunting

Bunting is one of the easiest and simplest crafts to do and if you really don’t like sewing you can do it with iron on magic tape or even glue. Bunting is also super fashionable at the moment and can cost anything from a few pounds to a lot of money per “flag” on some websites (

I use bunting everywhere from in my lounge to give it a shabby chic look; to the on the garden fence and I have certain sets I bring out for parties such as a Baby Shower version or Birthday party version. If you make them out of nice fabric they last for ages.

The cheapest way I find to make bunting is to either go through your old clothes/bedding pile pulling out any nice prints or buy a bundle of fabric scraps from an online site. I also buy a bundle of ribbons or just one nice long ribbon that you can use for multiple projects.


Cut the fabric into triangle shapes placing two back to back (print on the inside). Over lap the two straight sides and hand or machine stitch the edges leaving a little hole at the top straight side to be able to turn the triangles inside out again. Once the right way around iron and repeat the process until you have as many as you want. Place the triangle against a long string of ribbon and sew each triangle to the ribbon.


If you don’t feel like sewing you can iron on that magic tape and it will give you some nice creases but do try to sew the triangles to the ribbon as they will fall off over time if you don’t. Another idea is to use the scissors that have a serrated edge.

Some sources of fabric and ribbon to buy to get started:

Fabric bundles


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