Halloumi sweet chili burgers


Without a doubt this is best recipe find of the month. Another hello fresh addition but probably the most surprising burger I’ve ever had. It’s so easy to make and even my other half loves it even though it’s not meat and full of veggies. I’ve put a link to the full recipe but I’ve recreated this already using shop bought ingredients as do easy to do.

Simply cut a deseeded pepper in half and roast in the oven for 20 mins coated in olive oil and seasoning.

Fry off the halloumi in relatively thin slices and set aside.

I love a charred burger bun so you can either put them in the oven or toaster oven or I prefer to smear them with a little olive oil and dry fry in a hot pan. A good tip is to toast the bottoms in parallel to the tops and then flip over so can see how brown they are getting.

Smear a little mayonnaise and sweet chili sauce (Aldi has a good one) on the top and bottom of the bun.

Add the half roasted pepper and halloumi slices.

Add lettuce and salt and pepper if you like that.

I like to serve it with my spices baked wedges- are recipe below.



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