Personalised glass bottles for cleaning and bath products

I’m slightly obsessed with watching ‘clean with me’ vlogs at the moment. Does anyone else do that? A lot of these types of videos on ‘You Tube’ show recipes on how to make cleaning products. Now I’m not really (well yet) that into making cleaning products as I do like a good strong bleach, which I know isn’t great for you.

However, I am into the personalised bottles that you can decant your favourite cleaners into. I’ve also discovered the highly concentrated cleaners that you add water to to make up large batches at a much lower cost that buying over and over again. I do also like the idea of having pretty glass bottles on display and not constantly throwing plastic bottles away (into the recycling but you know what I mean).

So I started with some glass bottles I already had (old amaretto and gin bottles) and replaced the caps with some nice corks I had from my elderflower wine and beer making crafts ( I also had a really cheap hand cleanser that I peeled off the label from.

Next I’ went to eBay and ordered some personalised labels which were very cheap for use now and in future projects.

The labels arrived and I stuck them on my lovely recyclable glass bottles.

I filled with what I had already such as hand cleanser and bubble bath.

I have on ordered now some classic bottles to make up with some Fabulosa cleanser for both glass and around the house. When they arrive I’ll do another update.

See links to my Amazon products below if you are interested in doing the same:

Cleaning Bottles (on order)

Cleaning Product


Homemade cat treats

Homemade Cat Treats (Tuna & Catnip)

We spend a lot of money on treats for our lovely cat Molly moo.

Picture for you:


She’s a gorgeous short haired tortoiseshell.

I’m not overly precious about what I eat but I do care what she eats as it’s not like she can decide she doesn’t like or is allergic to things to and tell me!

Therefore, the recipe challenge for this week was to find a recipe where I could make and entirely control what she was eating. I figured it’s probably best to start slowly as cat food itself I presume is designed to give cat’s a balanced diet (or that’s what the vet said anyway).

I found a lot of recipes but equally I didn’t want to try something I know she’s never eaten before just in case.

So this is a combination of a few recipes I found and trusted:


  • 200g of oat flour
  • 100g cornmeal
  • 1 large tin of drained tuna
  • 1 tbsp of olive oil
  • 1 tbsp of cat nip


  1. The best way to make oat flour if you can’t find it is to grind down using a food processor some porridge oats
  2. Mix everything else in with the ground oats and keep blending until reach a relatively dry and non-sticky mixture
  3. I tried two methods of shaping which is rolling into little balls and pressing into a baking tin and cut into small squares
  4. Bake for 15 minutes at 190 degrees c but make sure they are completely cooked so they will store nicely dried out

It was a good sign that Molly was walking up and down in front of the oven like she does when we have a chicken in the oven.

Initial thoughts are that she loves them but I think maybe they won’t last that long in the jar as they are made of fish. I’ll keep them for the next couple of weeks and feedback on how we get on.

Here’s a lovely jar you can buy to store them in:

Jam jar labels:

Some Cat Nip:



Homemade Burgers


This week I finally managed to make the simplest and best burgers I’ve ever made before. Myself and my husband are not into very elaborate and expensive burgers. We have our own burger rankings and like to classify new burgers we try across the world.

Making a burger therefore is an interesting recipe challenge. I’ve tried recipes with chopped up little onions; breadcrumbs, eggs to bind and lots of different seasonings.

Here is is where I’m at with the more simple and best recipe.

  1. Buy the best beef ground meat you can afford.
  2. If you buy mince you can always grind it down a bit further if it stays chunky with a food processor. I like to do this a little so you get a good mix of textures.
  3. Add salt and pepper.
  4. The only spice mix I enjoy adding that doesn’t overpower the mix is Weber’s Steak seasoning. I’ve included a link from Amazon below. It just gives a background seasoning.

5. Shape into thin patties. I’d rather have two think burgers than one fat undercooked burger. Press them down with your hands. Try and let them come to room temperature before cooking.

6. Then cut your buns in half and I like to smear with butter and dry fry on a hot griddle or frying pan to give some crunch but keep the insides soft.

7. Set aside and add slices of your favourite cheese.

8. Put a pan on a high temperature and add the meat patties. If they are thin even they will char and brown quickly but the insides will cook too. Cook on both sides and lay on the buns.

9. I like to serve mine with copycat Mcdonald’s sauce. See my previous blog for a recipe.



Additional content in ebook or paper form

If you’d like to read some more from The Modern Mrs Beeton I’ve started publishing my blogs in part form, just as the original Isabella Beeton did.

Each part contains around 40 different blogs in the areas of cooking; cleaning, gardening, crafting, and organising.

  1. Part 1: Managing a budget; and how to clean anything with baby wipes. Making mint sauce; perfect roast potatoes and cupcakes for Halloween. How to pant our seedlings and label them correctly. Basic vegetable growing and crafting candles through to Pear Wine and Elderflower Champagne. Lots more.

Digital Kindle

Paperback Version


Keto friendly pizza

Just before my wedding I was on a really enjoyable Keto diet that I will very likely go back to before our honeymoon to lose a few more pounds. It’s not a lifestyle I’d like to do longer than a month or so but it is incredibly effective at removing any indulgences you’ve done.

One of the recipes I found whilst doing this is Keto pizza so I have to share.

The copy cat base is the standard fat head dough that’s really popular on the internet. Effectively you melt in a microwaveable bowl some grated cheddar cheese and cream cheese (Philadelphia)until soft and you can mix together. You then add almond or soy flour with a pinch of salt and pepper. You can also add some bread yeast if you want more rise.

Mix into dough and use a spatula as it can get really sticky. Oil a baking sheet (baking parchment is also really helpful as it’s very sticky dough) and press the dough on it. Bake for about 10 minutes at 200 degrees c.

In the meantime make up some fresh toppings by mixing some canned fresh tomatoes with a pinch of sweetener and whatever spices you like. You can also make it a bit sweeter by adding a dash of sugar free tomato ketchup. I love a bit of oregano so I always add a bit of that to the dough and sprinkle after.I simmer this on a low heat for about 10 minutes so it thickens up.

Once the dough is ready coat in tomato sauce and add whatever cheeses you like. I love a mix of mozzarella and Parmesan. This time i added some chopped veggies what I had left which were some peppers; mushrooms and a little red onion.

Bake for another 10 minutes until golden brown.

This is my sugar free ketchup if you are interested:
The Skinny Sauce Co. Tomato Ketchup Sauce Zero Calorie, Sugar Free, 425ml

Keto pizza



100 Blog Posts!


Super excited today as I’ve finally celebrated my 100th Blog Post on ‘The Modern Mrs Beeton’. It has been a complete joy to share all of the recipes; crafts and reviews I’ve been sent over the past few and a massive thank you to all of you who have contributed and fed back to me. I really appreciate it.

I also want to thank Mrs Beeton herself who inspired this.

Excerpt from the introduction of her book:


Thanks again, from ‘The Modern Mrs Beeton’.

Looking forward to the next 12 months…

Hot Dog Posh Dog

Posh dogs

Absolutely not a recipe but just sharing something we absolutely love at the moment. In this lovely BBQ weather at the moment the best thing to do is get the BBQ on or even just get your griddle pan and make some summery food.

The best tip we’ve discovered recently are these “Posh Dogs” from Marks and Spencer. Not sure what makes them posh but they are the perfect texture with good quality meat; nice snap on the outside and cook evenly. They also sell perfectly proportioned buns to go with them.

My BBQ summer tip!

Posh dogs

Potato print wrapping paper

Is it just me or do you hate spending money of wrapping paper? I mean it’s lovely stuff but bearing in mind most people just tear it and throw it straight in the bin it seems really wasteful. I’m not the most eco-conscious person in the world but even I feel bad about this even if you do recycle it.

So what I tend to do is buy a really big roll of brown wrapping paper (GP Globe Packaging 750mm x 100M Heavy Duty Brown Kraft Wrapping Paper Roll 90gsm – 100 METRES). You can leave it there if you like! Just a add a pretty bow or a ribbon and it looks simple and classy. If you want to jazz it up feel free to add stickers for kids or do what I do and add some really retro potato prints decorations.

Simply grab a fairly fresh potato and slide in half. Go to cupboard and pull out whatever cutters you happen to have. I had some nice stars that I use at Christmas for mince pies. You can also (carefully) grab a knife and carve whatever design you like. Dry off the potato and pour some paint into a dish so it creates a shallow dipping area.

Layout the paper on a big table or even to a wall if you paint isn’t very drippy. Secure with tape so it doesn’t roll up. Then taking a small dip of paint press the potato on the paint and then the paper. I recommend testing on some normal scrap paper or newspaper if you have it first to learn how much paint gives you the best looking impression you like.

Make wrapping paper Make wrapping paper

Freeze ahead breakfast sandwiches

Breakfasts are my favorite meal. I wake up super hungry and get progressively less hungry as the day goes on. In contrast my husband is exactly the opposite and will happily not eat all day but will love a big dinner at night.

I also love hot food in the morning but don’t necessarily have time to make it. This led on a recipe hunt for easy heat up breakfast foods that didn’t require me to go to a fast food place or eat cold cereal.

What I found was a complete array of lovely make ahead sandwiches and egg casserole dishes so I’ve combined a couple of recipes to make this one.

Ingredients (Makes 4 sandwiches):

  • 5 large eggs
  • Salt and pepper
  • Cooking spray
  • Sausage meat (sausages or patties it doesn’t matter)
  • 4 english muffins (although next time I’m going to try it with croissants)
  • 4 slices of cheese


  1. Crack the eggs into a large square shallow dish. Be sure to spray it first so they don’t stick
  2. Add the seasoning and mix up
  3. Cook off your sausages or meat and crumble up
  4. Add the sausages to egg mix and bake for around 25 minutes until brown at 200 degrees c
  5. Toast your muffins and lay on a piece of cheese on each one
  6. When the egg/sausage mixture comes out cut into 4 squares and lay on the muffins
  7. Wrap each sandwich in foil and freeze
  8. When you want to re-heat (as tested this morning) REMOVE THE FOIL and wrap in a piece of kitchen/paper towel
  9. Zap in the microwave for 1 min and 30 seconds

I couldn’t find my exact Jamie Oliver dish i used to make my eggs but I’ve linked a similar one below:




Update on making your wedding confetti

I just wanted to update you on how the wedding confetti turned out.

The petals kept didn’t rot or brown and kept their shape in their little lace cups. We bought a wooden box to put them in that we now eat to keep.

And ultimately they were a complete pleasure to walk under… Wedding photo

Creation post..

Wedding confetti make

If you want the doilies you can get them cheaply at:
36 Assorted Paper Doilies