Wing restaurant review.. wing stop London

Wing stop wings chicken

We are huge chicken wing fans. Our favourites are definitely in the buffalo sauce area especially boneless. Our favourite restaurant in the US is Hooters as they have the best medium honey buffalo sauce. In the UK really good wing places are rare and even if you find them they rarely have boneless and never have sauces to compete with the US.

In a recent trip to London we fell across a London branch of Wingstop so had to run in and try it. We picked a medium heat classic sauce with some seasoned fries and a couple of cold beers. The chicken was fried and boneless and coated in the sauce.

The fries were fab and very similar to FiveGuts in flavouring. They were also served with classic ranch dressing which again is rare in the UK as you normally get stuck with blue cheese which is horrid.

We highly recommend the wings and sauce although they could have probably taken even more sauce. We would even go as far as to say they are best wings in the UK and trust me we have tried a lot. I think we will start and wing and burger ranking chart soon and I’ll share them on here.

From a top point of view Wingstop doesn’t take cash so if you head that way remember to take your card with you.

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