Wedding Favours honey rum and matches for sparklers

For our wedding I wanted some personalized favours but really didn’t want to pay lots of money for them. We also wanted to tailor them to our family and this particular brand of honey rum is special to us.

For the rum favours I bought a set of miniature bottles from eBay and some personalized stickers. On our last trip to Gran Canaria we brought back some of our beloved rum and using a funnel I filled each bottle and sealed them up.

We were also having sparklers in the evening so I bought a multipack of matches and used some of the leftover stickers to really make them special.


Amazon link to the bottles I bought:
130 x Small Glass Bottles with Corks, Perfect for Wedding Favours

And if you’d like our honey rum:
Ron Arehucas Miel, Rum-based liqueur with honey from the Canary Islands, 3 economy Pack 3 x 700 ml

Just a reminder that I also have a wedding planning online if you are planning a wedding and need some practical advice.

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