Before kebabs

Healthy Chicken Kebabs

Not really a recipe; more an assembly of ingredients but always lovely and super tasty.

I think I started eating chicken kebabs on holiday in European countries like Greece and Portugal. The novelty value of the stick was I think was tempted me.

Now I just love the charring you can get on the meat and how the vegetables cook and catch on the edges which tastes amazing. Also, there is something really practical about turning skewers over to cook them.


  • Chicken breast cut into chunks (you can use any meats you like or fish)
  • Vegetables cut into similar sized chunks
  • Olive oil
  • Salt and Pepper
  1. Soak your wooden skewers in water for about an hour so they don’t catch fire
  2. Alternate pushing picks of chicken and vegetables on the skewer
  3. Drizzle with oil and salt and pepper
  4. You can then grill on a medium heat or I like to cook in the oven for about 10 minutes and then finish on the BBQ

You can keep these kebabs plain and simple which is great for getting kids to eat vegetables or you make spicy or serve with tasty sauces. Piri piri is a particular favourite of mine.

Or Hhere’s a few examples from my previous blogs.

Also, if you want to buy the skewers here a link:

Before kebabs

Before kebabs

Cooked kebabs

Cooked kebabs



Keto friendly pizza

Just before my wedding I was on a really enjoyable Keto diet that I will very likely go back to before our honeymoon to lose a few more pounds. It’s not a lifestyle I’d like to do longer than a month or so but it is incredibly effective at removing any indulgences you’ve done.

One of the recipes I found whilst doing this is Keto pizza so I have to share.

The copy cat base is the standard fat head dough that’s really popular on the internet. Effectively you melt in a microwaveable bowl some grated cheddar cheese and cream cheese (Philadelphia)until soft and you can mix together. You then add almond or soy flour with a pinch of salt and pepper. You can also add some bread yeast if you want more rise.

Mix into dough and use a spatula as it can get really sticky. Oil a baking sheet (baking parchment is also really helpful as it’s very sticky dough) and press the dough on it. Bake for about 10 minutes at 200 degrees c.

In the meantime make up some fresh toppings by mixing some canned fresh tomatoes with a pinch of sweetener and whatever spices you like. You can also make it a bit sweeter by adding a dash of sugar free tomato ketchup. I love a bit of oregano so I always add a bit of that to the dough and sprinkle after.I simmer this on a low heat for about 10 minutes so it thickens up.

Once the dough is ready coat in tomato sauce and add whatever cheeses you like. I love a mix of mozzarella and Parmesan. This time i added some chopped veggies what I had left which were some peppers; mushrooms and a little red onion.

Bake for another 10 minutes until golden brown.

This is my sugar free ketchup if you are interested:
The Skinny Sauce Co. Tomato Ketchup Sauce Zero Calorie, Sugar Free, 425ml

Keto pizza



Pizza dough base using Soy flour

This recipe came from the ‘verywell’ website when ‘Googling’ best low carb pizza dough recipes so what an advert to be at the top of those listings. Now one of the reasons I’ve put weight on is my recent trip and engagement in New York on which almost every day we ate pizza. If you ever go to New York please try the local pizza restaurant across the street from the World Trade Centre monument or there’s an immense one in Penn Station underground. Also, try a white. Now I’ didn’t know what  white was but apparently it’s just a plain cheese and tomato pizza with no tomato. It was amazing!!! I think it was more like a deluxe cheesy garlic bread but so good.



1 cup soy flour

½ cup protein powder (try Holland and Barrett or online health food shops)

1 tsp garlic powder

1 tsp oregano

2 eggs beaten

3 tbsp olive oil

¼ cup water

1-2 tsp sugar substitute (use the natural ones)



  1. Combine spread onto a pizza plate or baking sheet. Grease really well as mine stuck a bit too much
  2. Cook at 180 degrees c for about 12 minutes


IMG_0619 (1)

For the toppings remember don’t use pre-bought pizza sauce as it contains sugars but make your own with softened onions and garlics; can of chopped tomatoes, oregano and any Italian style spices you like. Cover the base with sauce and coat with lots of cheese. Cook again for about ten minutes until brown. Always allow pizzas ten minutes after cooking to settle down or they don’t slice well. That’s why takeaway pizzas are always more formed that home cooked.  I always like my pizza’s with a sprinkling of parmesan cheese or chilli flakes dependent on my mood.


Now the base isn’t soft doughy bread so I couldn’t pick mine up but eaten with a knife and fork it was as close to pizza as I’m going to get I like. My next step is to experiment with hybrid flours by adding Almond etc.

Atkins Diet

Low carb coconut bread

Engagement Announcement

Low carb coconut bread

This recipe came from ‘The Atkins’ website and variations are widely shared in communities online. It’s super rich so when I say cut it into 16 slices do not feel tempted to make these larger as they look small but are so heavy to eat (in a good way). Also, although it’s described as bread it’s a bit like the bread you had on holiday in the late 1990’s in European resorts so it’s half bread and half cake like. You’ll know what I mean if you ever went to the Algarve.



1 cup coconut flour

6 eggs whisked together

1 tbsp baking powder

½ tbsp salt

1 tbsp sweetner ( do not use Aspartame based but the natural sweeteners)

½ cup butter melted



  1. Butter a cake/bread tin and set oven to 180 degrees c
  2. Mix together and pour (yes pour it’s really liquid) into a bread/cake tin
  3. Cook for 35- 45 mins
  4. Slice into circa slides. Each slide is 1.6 net carbs
  5. Server toasted coated in butter


Bearing in mind I’ve not had bread for a couple of weeks and I’m really missing it as prior to this diet and I normally eat two pieces of white Warburton bread toasted with butter a day, I really liked it! It maybe a tiny bit too sweet though so I’m next going to be exploring Almond Flour and Soy Flours as a substitute.

Atkins Diet

I’ve started doing ‘The Atkins’ version of a low carb diet initially as it’s something I’ve done before and I know works. Have a look at ‘The Atkins’ website for a great summary and recipes. I’ve an older paperback version of the original guide which I bring out every couple of years. The premise which never made sense to me until I saw the weight come off the first time is that you can only eat meat; fish, cheese and fats. You can also have vegetables but only the non-starchy (woody) ones so no potatoes. They however need to make up your net carb daily allowance which is 20 net carbs. Net carbs are the carbohydrate value you see on the side of the packet minus the carbohydrate fibre.  Now there are also minor exceptions to the meat; fish and cheese lists but there are very specific such as cottage cheese . A core tip would be to not ignore the fats. Actually eating fat on this diet really helps. Sounds weird but true! Also, make sure you eat more fresh foods rather than pre-packaged especially in the first weeks which is known as induction as trying to work out carbohydrate value hidden in things like sausages or breading even lightly on meats is difficult and can really ruin your diet.


Other key tips I tell anyone starting the diet is to buy some ‘Ketostix’ from eBay or health food store as they measure the amount of ketosis you are going through which is a true indicator of whether the fat burning is working. It also helps if you’ve eaten something and then you test yourself you can really know whether that tiny bit of ketchup knocked you off your diet or not and trust me it does. Do not so much as lick a boiled sweet, especially in induction. I’m not kidding! I’d also recommend you take a multi-vitamin; buy full fat cream as you end up using it for everything and a lot of eggs.


So I’m about two stone heavier than I’d like to be. I mean I’m not big at all at a size 14 but as I’m getting married I’d like to be in best shape I can be.  I actually don’t  eat that badly normally but I’ve been on some big holidays recently and eaten a lot of pizza in New York for examples. It was worth though.. lol.


I’ve lots more meal plans; tips and recipes to share so I’ll add these as the weeks go on. Good luck if you are trying low carb and please contact me if you want to share or discuss anything.